Bioquell IG-2

Bioquell IG-2

Reduce microbiological organisms on equipment, in transfer chambers, in filling line isolators and more with Ecolab’s Bioquell IG-2, a robust, fixed bio-decontamination system.

Benefits of Bioquell IG-2

Skilled Ecolab technicians will work closely with you to customize a Bioquell IG-2 solution that meets the needs of your production or research facility. We can optimize your Bioquell IG-2 system with:

  • Equipment commissioning and IQ/OQ
  • Comprehensive validation and documentation (IQ/OQ/GCD/PQ)
  • Remote hydrogen peroxide vapor sensor to monitor concentrations during a cycle
  • Integration testing for BMS and more complex system
  • Range of supply and return hose lengths up to 3 meters

Use Bioquell IG-2 to bio-decontaminate:

  • Restricted-Access Barrier Systems (RABS)
  • Filling lines
  • Material airlocks
  • Small rooms
  • Cage and rack washers
  • Isolators
  • Incubators
  • Freeze dryers (lyophilizers)
  • Robotic enclosures

Why Choose Bioquell IG-2

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Hydrogen peroxide vapor achieves a 6-log sporicidal reduction on surfaces within an enclosed area.

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Project engineering helps keep your workflow on track. Bio-decontaminate one area while other areas stay up and running.

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Create a tailored solution for a small room or enclosure. Optional data logger available for 21-CFR Part 11 compliance.

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Receive full documentation from our experienced engineering and validation team.

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Easy set up and operation. Storage for up to 300 pre-programmed bio-decontamination cycles.

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Completely integrated solution specified to meet your equipment and process requirements.

Components and Configurations

Illustration of IG-2 components.

Integrated Generator
A built-in bio-decontamination generator provides a 6-log sporicidal kill.

Remote Control Screen
The Bioquell IG-2 offers a remote-control screen that can be placed at the most convenient location.

Built In
For a seamless user experience, build the Bioquell IG-2 into your space to process equipment and isolators.

Fixed Room Decontamination
Can be used with high-capacity Dual-Bottle Module for fixed room gassing.


Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide

Bioquell HPV-AQ

This is a 35% aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution used in Bioquell technology to generate hydrogen peroxide vapor, which achieves a 6-log sporicidal kill on exposed surfaces.

Bioquell Biological Indicators

Bioquell Biological Indicators

Our meticulously crafted crafted biological indicators made from Geobacillus stearothermophilus endospores ensure reliable results when seeking to validate a 6-log reduction of bioburden from the decontamination process.


Bioquell Room CI

Confirm that a Bioquell cycle has achieved the expected vapor distribution and exposure performance with these easy-to-read chemical indicators. A chemical strip reacts to a Bioquell cycle and changes color to correlate with the cycle’s expected efficacy. For use in rooms and enclosed areas 10m3 and larger.

Bioquell Validation


To meet regulatory requirements, you may need to deliver proof that your bio-decontamination solution performs as it should. Ecolab provides trained engineers and the validation documentation you need to comply with regulations.

Doctor working on a sensitive equipment in a cleanroom

Use Even on Sensitive Electronics and Equipment

Our hydrogen peroxide vapor is tough on microbial surface contaminants, but gentle on electronics and equipment. Unlike spray-and-wipe methods, there are no additional steps to remove residue. When you need to bio-decontaminate spaces that contain hard-to-clean equipment, Bioquell is ideal. Before using Bioquell on your electronic equipment, check with the manufacturers to confirm compatibility.

Bioquell IG-2 FAQs

How do I control the system?
The Bioquell IG-2 offers a remote-control screen that can be placed at the most convenient location.

Can you assist in achieving 21 CFR Part 11 compliance?
Yes, we can provide an optional data logger to help you comply with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. However, using the data logger does not guarantee overall compliance to this section of code.

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