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Central Sterile Program

Central Sterile Program

The Ecolab Central Sterile Program takes a comprehensive and outcome-driven approach and leverages a partnership scheme, with our world-class service and expertise in instrument reprocessing, to personally deliver distinctive, lasting, and substantial outcomes for today’s most sophisticated Central Sterile Departments and help fulfill their missions in safe and clean care.

Advanced Solutions for Optimum Results

Value to your facility
Central Sterile Program

Ecolab Central Sterile Program has been developed to improve and monitor your processes to lead to greater patient safety. It also delivers cost savings and highly educated CSSD staff.

Preventing Surgical site infections (SSI’s) is a key concern for all Central Sterile Services Departments, due not only to the risks they pose to patient health, but also the financial implications for the facility. One of the possible reasons of an SSI is when the reprocessing of surgical instruments falls short of the highest hygiene levels.

At Ecolab, we recognise that preventing SSI’s is important, therefore cleaning instruments is important. Our passion is supporting you as a CSSD Manager to ensure a consistent cleaning of the instruments reprocessed in your sterile department. Therefore we have developed our comprehensive Central Sterile Program, a dynamic and systematic approach that embraces four key pillars.



  • Our technology is the foundation that empowers you to fulfill your most desired and stringent outcomes.
  • Best-in-class products and dosing systems improve cleaning quality, compliance and efficiency, while reducing operational costs.


  • Best-in-class service to keep your equipment and processes at maximum performance.
  • Multiple evaluations continually improve your processes and systems.
  • Service agreements are provided for manual and automated processes.
  • Ongoing coaching for your staff to ingrain the new protocols into your routines.


  • Our industry understanding and expertise delivers world-class training and onsite consultation.
  • On-site consultation and personal hands-on training at implementation.
  • Best practice methods and support materials optimise team performance.


The Ecolab Central Sterile Program (CSP) is based on properly validated results. The foundation of this is a unique iOS-driven device which resides in your CSSD to gather critical information, along with CSP Check-Lists.


Working closely with you, our technology allows us to deploy individually tailored solutions. This ensures any possible efficiency gaps are filled whilst enhancing staff safety and achieving outstanding results during the daily application of our products. This is achieved through our:

  • Extensive product range which provides a solution to every problem.
  • CSSD-specific solutions to meet the challenges of your environment.
  • Innovative dosing systems to reduce wastage and realise cost savings.

Improvements in processes, dosing and product performance can only be maintained if an agreed, appropriate and timely service schedule is in place. We are here to ensure your instrument reprocessing continually achieves the pinnacle of success through our exceptional service which provides:

  • On site analysis of different parameters like dosing accuracy of chemicals, water quality, etc.
  • Management and effective control of dosing devices to aid efficiency.
  • Regular service reports with suggested follow-up actions based on findings.

From our comprehensive set of training services and expertise, we consult with our customers on their tailored needs, based on a detailed assessment of their current situation. To ensure our training solutions meet the challenges and special requirements for a CSSD environment, we focus on:

  • Product training to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment
  • Best practice cleaning processes refined through decades of experience.
  • Expert webinars conducted by our own specialist team.

The continual gathering and analysis of detailed data enables us to create, apply and maintain the most suitable CSSD program to fulfill your exact requirements and maximise effectiveness. Our audits and reports will provide you with:

  • Initial assessment or audits for base-line setting to establish the current situation.
  • Detailed and accurate findings with clear recommendations going forward.
  • Process monitoring to dynamically track improvements as they occur.

A Systematic Approach For Your Central Sterile Department to Help Drive Higher Compliance & Clean Instruments

Ensuring Cleaning Quality and Patient Safety

Cleaning is the first critical step in instrument reprocessing. You can clean without sterilizing, but you cannot sterilize without effective cleaning.

Driving Operational Efficiency

Efficiency is essential to keep your Operating Rooms on time.

Remaining Compliant to Industry Standards

Staying compliant means standardizing processes with best practices and proving your adherence.

Managing Total Costs in Operation

Your ultimate goal is to decrease the total operational costs without compromising quality.

Ecolab Central Sterile Program


Innovative chemicals and dispensing systems to deliver a high standard of cleaning, crease throughput and decrease total costs of operation.



Audit services to evaluate your whole cleaning process, identify current gaps and advise on where and how to improve.



Personally-delivered best practice training, on-site consultation, and in-service materials to optimize team performance.



Reports and water quality testing for Central Sterile risk assessment with proof of process improvement and adherence.


Audit & Testing Services

Our comprehensive Ecolab® Central Sterile audit and testing services allow you to focus on your processes, improve outcomes
and maintain or exceed standards of care.

Audit & Testing Services

Our comprehensive Ecolab® Central Sterile audit and testing services allow you to focus on your processes, improve outcomes and maintain or exceed standards of care.

Central Sterile Department
Quality & Compliance Audit

Developed from industry standards to audit your compliance

  • Helps you keep track of industry requirements
  • A total compliance score with a review of 7 major areas and trend analysis
  • Insights on where and how to improve
  • Documentation for your risk assessment and proof of process improvement
Process Audit established from industry standards and best practices
Process & Efficiency Audit

Established from industry standards and best practice

  • A comprehensive review all of your processes and practices
  • Washer-disinfector optimization service included
  • Documentation for your risk assessment and proof of process improvement
Water Testing
Water Quality Testing SerVice

Focusing on a key factor that impacts cleaning quality

  • Water samples collected at your facility
  • Sample analyzed by Ecolab Global Technical Service Lab
  • Receive a comprehensive report on water quality profile