Pine Processionary

The pine processionary is one of the most destructive species and the urticating hairs of the caterpillar larvae can cause harmful reactions in humans and animals.

Pine Processionary control can be carried out mechanically using traps or biologically using a product based on a bacterial preparation. Butterflies can also be trapped by mechanical trappings. Treatments are realised at the level of the trees (pines) and the process can be used in green spaces. Both mechanical and biological treatments, are compatible with the life of other animal species, with plants and with humans.

Pine Processionary Life Cycle

Pine processionaries exhibit distinct behavioral patterns. They overwinter in high pine trees and when spring arrives they travel down the trees, proceed through the woods in nose-to-tail columns, protected by their severely irritating hairs, and burrow underground for the final pupation stage before emerging at the end of the summer.

Creates Damages To...


By destroying pines.


By causing harmful reactions.


By causing harmful reactions.