MAXX Into Plus

Sanitary Cleaner

Combines excellent cleaning performance with effective descaling power whilst leaving a pleasant scent.

Product Overview


  • Special surfactant and acid combination ensures effective cleaning and de-liming of all acid-resistant surfaces
  • Leaves a pleasant scent


  • High concentrated product provides effective cleaning and de-liming at low use concentration (from 0.2%) 
  • Removes lime scale and urine-stone as well as soap residues, body fat and dirt
  • Easy and accurate dosing with refillable dosing bottle prevents overdosing


  • Quick refilling without spilling thanks to the adapter system that fits perfectly on the dosing bottle
  • No requirement for extra safety training and additional PPE


  • The high concentrated formulation in a lightweight refill bottle and reusable dosing bottles reduce packaging waste 
  • The refill bottle reduces packaging weight by almost 30%*


  • 6x1L


  • EU Ecolabel Awarded - DE/020/422
  1. Check hygiene plan and product label for detailed use information.
  2. Wear suitable protective clothing when handling the product.
  3. For refilling of the dosing bottle, insert the refill bottle on the thorn (red cap) of the dosing unit, press down to break the seal and wait for the bottle to empty.
  4. Turn the dosing bottle upside down once for dosing 10 ml. Adjust dosage according to the degree of soiling. Use the product undiluted for heavy soiling.
  5. For spray cleaning, turn the dosing bottle upside down once.
  6. Wipe and rinse the surface. We recommend using colour-coded polifix® micofibre cloths to avoid cross-contamination.
  7. For manual floor cleaning, we recommend using the product in combination with the Ecolab rasanTEC® mopping system.

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*compared to an Ecolab standard 1 L bottle