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Floor Finishing and Stripping

Achieve great looking floors--no matter what your desired look or current state is--with Ecolab’s full range of floor finishes. 

Plus our industry-leading floor stripper removes heavy build up in one pass and finish application with the Phazer™ mobile floor system helps maximize comfort, reduce product waste and improve productivity.



Product Feature:
Phazer - The Mobile Floor Care System

Maximize comfort, save time, reduce product and packaging waste and improve productivity by up to 73% with this patented ergonomic floor finish application system.  

Floor Finishing and Floor Stripping Products

Maxx Durable Floor Finish Kit - Phazer

Two-Part Urethane Hybrid Floor Finish with alcohol and quaternary resistance.

Laser Floor Finish
Phazer Medium Frequency Floor Finish is a durable, 20% solids, medium gloss finish for use on resilient and other tile floors.
Stratus Floor Finish

A durable, high gloss floor finish for use on resilient and other types of natural and man-made floors with high intensity traffic.

Maxx Floor Stripper
Unbeatable power removes heavy build up in one pass versus two or three passes of conventional stripper.
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