Washroom Cleaning

Washroom cleanliness is critical when it comes to protecting your brand. It impacts your customers’ experience and perceptions, affects their loyalty, and influences what they tell friends and family. 

Keep Guests Coming Back

Did you know that clean bathrooms are more important to restaurant guests than kitchen cleanliness, friendly service or visually appealing food?1

  • 78% of guests judge a clean bathroom as an indicator of a clean kitchen and good food quality2
  • 75% of guests said they would not return to an establishment if the bathrooms were not well kept3

That’s why it’s important to consistently deliver a clean, fresh and healthy environment.  Having procedures, tools and trained associates can help you reduce infection risk in washrooms and enhance brand image.

1. Technomic Consumer Restaurant Brand Metrics Program — FSR Segment — 3Q10 Report. 2. Blackistone H, Evans C (2004). The Lavatory Laboratory. Restaurant Hospitality 88:142-144. 3. Klara R (2004a). Consumer Insights: The Comfort Zone. Restaurant Business 103:14-16

Oasis Pro Range


Restroom cleanliness is a top priority for guests and visitors. Delight your customers with cleaner, odour-free restrooms with our sanitary cleaning housekeeping range which has been specially formulated to ensure you have the right product, cleaning tools and training aids for the task at hand.



The safe way to maximize your cleaning performance. MAXX2 safely improves your cleaning performance and because it is used primarily in low concentration it can reduce cleaning costs and packaging waste.

Additional Housekeeping Solutions


Housekeeping Program

Ensure you to deliver a clean, safe and welcoming environment that protects your reputation.

All Purpose Cleaning

Having the right hygiene program in place is a great way to maximize efficiency.

Odor Care

Leave a clean and inviting environment from the minute guests arrive.

Housekeeping Tools

We understand the importance of keeping your employees safe while working efficiently.

Brochure Downloads

For more product details and to learn more about our housekeeping and janitorial programs and how they provide superior and consistent results, ensuring a clean, safe and comfortable environment for everyone in your facility please download the product brochure below.

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