Commercial Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control

Bed bug infestations are found throughout the world and show up even in the most exclusive hotels, resorts, long term care facilities, cruise ships and other places where people gather. These small, nocturnal, blood-feeding insects can damage your brand and reputation, resulting in costly inventory replacement, or worse. Trust the experts at Ecolab to inspect and treat your facilities for bed bugs.

Bed Bugs - Damaging to Your Reputation

Our dedicated bed bug research team produces and examines thousands of bed bugs every week in order to evaluate new products and equipment, ensuring the best tools are made available to our service team and customers. Proven effective in our clients' rooms, our science-based proactive & reactive multi-treatment protocol is designed to eliminate bed bugs at all life stages, helping to minimize their impact on guest and resident safety and satisfaction. Visit our Bed Bug Toolkit page to learn more about bed bugs and bed bug control.

Our Bed Bug service overview:

1. Inspection 
2. Treatment (chemical or steam)
3. Room Release
4. 72-Hour Follow-Up Service
5. Two-Week Follow-Up Service including inspection and treatment

Ecolab will inspect and treat all infested and adjacent rooms according to Ecolab’s service protocol. We minimize room downtime and can turn over adjacent rooms and follow-up services in a few hours.


Bed Bug Videos

Teaming Up Against Bed Bugs

This instructional video teaches you how to inspect for bed bugs and provides the information you need to protect your business, guests, and reputation.

Pests and Bed Bugs in Hotels: Hear What Guests Have to Say

Easy access to online guest reviews means a single bed bug or other pest incident puts your brand at risk. A random sampling of hotel guests reveals surprisingly common pest stories. Watch the video to hear what really troubles guests about their hotel experiences, how they respond to it and why a pest-free environment should be a priority for you.

Learn How to Reduce Your Risk of Bed Bugs

Watch this video of our recent webinar to learn how to reduce your risk of bed bugs. Our Ecolab experts discuss bed bug trends, biology and behavior, how to be proactive, inspection tools, current control options and best practices. This webinar was presented by Dr. Joelle Olson, Ph.D.

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